• Dolomit Family Resort - Bauernhof - Streichelzoo
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  • Dolomit Family Resort - Bauernhof - Streichelzoo
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See the animals up close on our farm

See nature up close in all its glory and enjoy stylish wellness and excellent cuisine – the perfect combination for your family holiday in South Tyrol.

On our farm, which is next to the Garberhof and just 500 m away from the Alpenhof, children of all ages staying at the Dolomit Family Resort can enjoy seeing farmyard animals in their natural environment. They will have unforgettable memories of their visit here.
They can feed the sheep and pigs in our enclosures and stroke the rabbits’ soft fur. There’s always something happening on our South Tyrolean farm! Most children love our white donkey with his extra-long ears. But the old billy goat also captures the kids’ hearts.

Our family, the Preindls, are also fourth-generation farmers. In summer our 200-year-old ancestral farm will become a visitor farm. There will be a visit to the animals on the farm once a week as part of our summer activity programme – an experience that all of the family will love!

  • Dolomit Family Resort - Bauernhof - Streichelzoo

Who is that grunting?

What noise was that? Our donkey’s long-drawn-out “eeyore” sound makes many children laugh. It’s fun for children to hear which noises the various animals make, how they move and all of the tricks they can perform to get their food.
Babies are fascinated by the peculiar creatures with coats and feathers. They can barely believe their eyes!

A holiday with children on the farm

A unique experience

A visit to a farm is always a special occasion, especially for city kids. When children meet animals up close, it creates lasting memories. Coming into contact with animals simply does children good. Ultimately, a holiday with a farmyard experience is also a nice way of teaching children how to treat animals and nature with respect.