• Dolomit Family Resort - Naturdetektiv-Camp - Südtirol

The nature detective camp

Nature Detective Camp 2019 at the Familienhotels Südtirol

Experience the wilderness – real camouflage & great adventure

Shhh… quiet! Don’t move now. If you want to experience something exciting in nature, you will have to be a master of camouflage, deception, and sneaking around. One wrong move and the animal you’re observing is gone. So, be patient and wait for the fox, rabbit, and other animals to appear.

This year’s Nature Detective Camp is all about camouflage and sneaking around in the South Tyrolean outdoors. The little guests of the Familienhotels Südtirol learn to decipher and preserve animal tracks, to take proper cover, and to orient themselves in the forest – without a mobile phone or navigation device. They will be accompanied by trained nature teachers and experts from South Tyrol, who will introduce them to the secrets of nature.

Dear children, can you tell the difference between the tracks of a squirrel and those of a deer? Do you know how to preserve these animal tracks? Do you know which animals are masters of hide-and-seek? What is the best way to camouflage yourself? Do you know how to find your way back with nature’s help? No? then it’s about high time. Together with your little friends, you will discover all kinds of animal tracks and learn everything about proper camouflage, deception, and sneaking around. You will also learn how to make a shadow compass and get to know the ranger signs.

The Nature Detective Camp takes place at all 25 Familienhotels Südtirol during certain periods in summer and can be booked as an inclusive special at no additional cost. All the children need is good clothing, sturdy shoes, and dash of curiosity.



  • Dolomit Family Resort - Naturdetektiv-Camp - Südtirol
  • Dolomit Family Resort - Naturdetektiv-Camp - Südtirol

An unforgettable expedition

Children learn how to navigate in the great outdoors; they also climb, fish and meet bats and other animals... And they get a nature detective qualification at the end of the training! The nature detective camp is a unique voyage of discovery where children can fully satisfy their curiosity and their urge to move. Maybe this camp will even lay the foundations for the children’s lifelong love of nature...