• Dolomit Family Resort - gebastelte Pinos - Südtirol
  • Dolomit Family Resort - Pinos-Kinderbetreuung - Südtirol
  • Dolomit Family Resort - Pino-Holzfigur - Südtirol

The mascot

PINO the Bear, the Alpenhof and Garberhof Family Resort’s mascot, is not a mean old grizzly bear: he’s a funny and friendly companion who is always in the mood for fun and games. PINO, who is well loved among the kids staying in the Dolomit Family Resort, is always happy to pop by for a visit, not just to check that everything is OK in his PINO Land, but to make sure the kids are having fun.

We’ll have a great time together. I will take you on a tour of my Adventure Land!