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40 Years Alpenhof

If you want to go in a new direction, you need to leave the old path behind

40 years ago, 1977, Peter and I took over a small and mighty hotel, the Alpenhof. My mum, Emma, was the best role model. She always said: “When you’re the landlady, Linda, you need to like people and put them first.”

I think back to the early years with so much gratitude and admiration as she gave me free rein without well-meaning words of advice and without blame. Now, after 40 years, my daughters Andrea, Simona and Anna Lisa are trying to live up to the reputation created by their grandmother Emma and their mother. I am so grateful that my darling Peter and my daughters and their families understand – it means that I can pour my heart and soul into my work. Everything went so quickly from 1980. Every year we built, added extensions and conversions and we expanded. Bit by bit, we turned so many ideas and wishes into reality. Our loyal guests and friends have been there every step of the way throughout the Alpenhof’s history. They are also the reason why my job as a landlady brings me so much joy – it’s my dream job. So many diligent, endearing and loyal employees have helped me out over the past 40 years – some of them have even made me who I am today – and I am so thankful for every one of them. The most important thing about the Alpenhof over the past 40 years is our guests, many of whom have become regulars. They have celebrated with us and each time they returned it spurred us on and urged us to tackle new challenges. We have spent every day of the past four decades impressing our guests.

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200 Years

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