Golfing & archery

Enjoy exclusive sporting adventures surrounded by the idyllic South Tyrolean countryside

Golf at the foot of the Kronplatz/Plan de Corones in Golf Club Pustertal
Just 12 kilometres lie between the Dolomit Family Resort and the nearest golf course. You can play on grass, in the forest and around a biotope with a glorious natural backdrop.
The nine-hole course is a sporting challenge that puts your concentration to the test. Your reward is the picturesque natural surroundings.

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Der 3D-Bogen-parcours in Olang
For those who are already sporting archers or want to become one: the Kron Arc Adventure Park is located just to the north of Olang. After a warm-up round with an expert, you can go it alone armed with a bow and arrow and “hunt” for 3D models of animals in the quiet forest. This is an adventure that requires skill and concentration and is exciting for people of all ages

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