The nature detective camp

The children’s adventure camp in South Tyrol – from June to October

Explore nature’s secrets!
Children and teenagers will be hot on the trail of nature’s fascinating secrets in the nature detective camp organised by the Dolomit Family Resort in South Tyrol. Does a millipede really have 1,000 feet? How old is this tree? And which animal left these unusual tracks? The nature detective camp combines fun with interesting facts about South Tyrol’s flora and fauna.

There is so much to discover and learn in the forest and up the mountain. Nature experts come on these expeditions and act as guides to give the detectives valuable tips. This is a fun way to learn with all of the senses in the most beautiful “classroom” in the world.

The camp is run from June to October on Sundays to Fridays for kids aged between 7 and 16 years.

An unforgettable expedition

Children learn how to navigate in the great outdoors; they also climb, fish and meet bats and other animals... And they get a nature detective qualification at the end of the training! The nature detective camp is a unique voyage of discovery where children can fully satisfy their curiosity and their urge to move. Maybe this camp will even lay the foundations for the children’s lifelong love of nature...