Sauna & pool area

The Alpenhof wellness area with saunas and pools

Alpen Spa & wellness in the family hotel Alpenhof
Our Alpen SPA brings the unique mountain landscape of the Dolomites inside for you. And we’re not just talking about looks: our high-quality beauty products use the healing powers of Alpine flora. Herbal remedies such as arnica and St John’s wort have beauty and health benefits.
There is a diverse range of pools and massages to choose from at the Alpen SPA and our caring beauty and spa experts are happy to pamper you with their treatments. Alpienne’s natural essences and high-quality products have a deep penetrating effect and make your body feel good.
Together with the idyllic panoramic view, a visit to our beauty farm is a very special pampering experience.

Using the saunas and relaxing
If you really want to work up a sweat on your family holiday in South Tyrol, then you will be in great hands in the Alpenhof sauna area with three different saunas to choose from. In addition to the classic Finnish sauna with its high temperatures and low humidity, there is also the Alpenhof herbal bath and our hay-stone sauna. Fragrant herbs, aromatic hay, pleasant humidity and temperatures that do your circulation the world of good all make your body and soul feel amazing.
After sweating and relaxing in the sauna of your choice, it’s time to relax, gather your thoughts and leave all of your troubles behind. In the interest of safety, you must be aged 16 and over to enter the salt-water pool and saunas in the Alpenhof Family Resort.

Swimming & bathing

Surrounded by true-to-life rocks and murals inspired by our magnificent natural surroundings, swimming in the Alpenhof’s heated indoor pool is almost like being in a mountain lake. A perfect place for the whole family to relax. Actively relax when swimming or just laze about on a comfy lounger. A waterfall, a counter-current system and soothing spray and massage jets make the Alpen SPA the perfect place to relax.

Salt-water pool and Kneipp basin

Healthy and alert
Another one of our wellness highlights is the salt-water pool modelled on a grotto. Fed with real salt water and heated to a nice temperature, a dip in the salt-water pool will make you feel completely rejuvenated. Enjoy the feel-good effect of the salt water on your body and soul.
To get your circulation moving again after bathing in the salt-water pool, we recommend a visit to our Kneipp basin with the alternating cold- and warm-water jets. After this, it really will be time to relax. Find a comfy lounger in our relaxation area with panoramic views.